7:49 PM

The ?


The question was asked as if wielding a gun.
When do you intend to get married son?
I just said the thought has not yet begun.
While I can, let me have some fun.

It’s easy to avoid the question than give an answer.
I’ve been dodging this like an agile belly dancer.
Probly tis something everyone does including myself.
But it’s easier to fool others than oneself.

Is it soo important… Having a wife?
‘Wife’ reminds me of a double ended knife!
Even then, she’s an essential part of life?
A good marriage… that’s not too rife.

I’m aware that down the lane it’ll be empty house.
For company, a dog will do, but diff to delouse.
Or something cuter like a pair of white doves?
Naah… Nothing compares to a loving spouse.

My cousin married too early, my aunt too late.
The right age will always be a debate.
I hate myself when in this confused state.
Maybe I should stop thinking and leave it to fate.

What am I waiting for?.. a soul mate?
Does everyone have one? If true ain’t it great?
Maybe there’s already one for me. Shouldn’t I wait?
Oh boy!... I’ll never get anywhere at this rate.

Now that twinkle is taken whom do I marry?
I should have loved other girls. Now I feel sorry.
Love’s a dream, but looks like it’s gonna be arranged.
Why did I let her go? I must have been deranged.

The most diff part is to define a lass.
“Tight in the right places, particularly the ass”
I say this at home I’ll become carcass.
Sounds naughty, but it’s the fancy of the normal mass.

Turns out there are groups to force me into tying the knot.
Old men’s and wise men’s counsel is already sought.
What kind of girl suits me best…war on the topic is fought.
Finding the best way of pushing me into the well… crazy lot!

Somebody help me out, I need a date.
After IPC 377, for the record… I’m straight.
Another shot at love… hope it’s not too late.
I donno what to do… I still am in the confused state.

Have I nothing better to do than blog this crap?
Eventually I guess I will fall into the trap,
For now atleast time to take off my thinking cap.
G'nite ya all. Time to take my usual nap.



MaDdy!!! said...

long time no see chum...nice poetry there!!!

adb said...

Thanks Maddy... Been bogged down with a looot of things lately.

Shilpa said...

Very nice!

Santhosh Mugoor said...

confused to the power confusion !