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My First Crush


I had to do something monotonous at work today and it was very very very boring. My mind was idle.....so put a few words together. I know it is stupid - dumb - childish etc etc. But as the saying goes "What's the point in being an adult if you can't act childish once in awhile". Those of you who hold back your comments after reading this trying not to be rude...bring it on!

Saw a couple cuddling in the traffic rush,
it refreshed memories of my first crush.
Her name was twinkle, she was my star.
She was the prettiest girl I had seen so far.

It was love at first sight when our eyes met.
I don't know if I was a victim or a target.
Looking at her, my heart started to quiver,
I broke into cold sweat and anxious shiver.

I wanted to talk to her; what to say I had no clue.
Tongue tied, I ended up complimenting her shoe.
The compliment brought out the cutest smile.
It drove me bonkers. Man!! Was I juvenile.

I wanted to confess my love, but was very shy.
I did not want to give it up without a try.
Mustering courage, I had to express how I felt,
Her knees went week when in front of her I knelt.

She accepted my love and felt the same,
It was that moment which shot me to fame.
Later she gave me an innocent kiss,
I swear, a couple of heart beats I did miss!

My friends congratulated me on my catch,
Everyone agreed that we were a perfect match.
We would sit hand in hand on the lawn,
Hoping we could stay that way dusk to dawn.

We thought of marriage when things got serious
But our parents thought we were getting delirious
We hatched a plan, deciding to run from home,
Didn’t matter where we end up: USA or Rome.

At the scheduled hour I was in the bus stand,
desperately waiting for her hand in my hand.
She never came and I was heart broken,
My life changed completely, rudely awoken.

Hunted & found, to my house I was dragged,
I cried my eyes out till they actually sagged.
Her name was twinkle, she was my star.
Story is old; Now she's a mother of chaar (4)

All of this happened was when I was 6 and she was 8
We were forbidden even to go out of the gate.
We couldn’t cross the road, let alone elope,
Trying it after growing up was the only hope.

Now she’s married and has a husband,
I’m happy for them, for he’s my best friend.
We recall this incident and laugh our heads off,
Our innocence as kids is indeed a reason to scoff

Their youngest kid is a chubby lil baby girl,
with cute dimples and bushy hair that curl
Her name is dimple, now she is my star.
She’s the prettiest girl I’ve seen so far.


Like I said..it ain't no work of Rudyard Kipling!

It's a poem originating from a random inkling.


MaDdy!!! said...


but I was kinda getting irritated with the repeating star lines in every para..

Keep blogging

adb said...

Now that you mention it, the repeated lines are annoying. Point noted and implemented ;)

Thanks for the comment.

'S' said...

hey! I think it is super cute!!!
It is like a full story in a poem...and unlike other poems...it is simple to understand!

I normally dont like poetry...cause I find it a pain to decipher..but this is nice!

I am inspired to write a poem of my own

Santhosh Mugoor said...

nange doubt ittu...imtaadde enu maadkoMDirteeya aMtaa :-)


adb said...