10:00 PM

Reinvention remix


Thanks to the generous media attention showered on General Motors over the last few months, almost everybody is aware of what GM is going through. After a lot of debate and hustle with the Fed, we opted for (read 'were forced to opt for') protection against insolvency.... Chapter 11.

Till the restructured GM takes birth, ad campaigns are being aired in the US media to retain customer interest and to assure that GM is here to stay. I like this ad in particular.

A spoof of the ad is gaining more popularity.... and I must say that I like the spoofed version better :) Watch it before it is pulled off.

I have signed papers which prohibit me to say anything against the interest of GM. So whatever I have to say will stay unpublished or probably end up on wordpress. All I can say is that the spoof of the ad is funny and truthful!!

It is good to see so many ppl supporting the GM brand and giving it a touch of patriotism. After all GM was one of the companies that US economy was built on.

"This is not about going out of business, it is about getting down to business.

Coz the only chapter we are focused on...is Chapter 1!"

Snazzy punchline...

Chapter 11 or not.... I still think GM makes some really good cars. We just don't know how to sell them efficiently!